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Hi I’m Dr Rob Bakss and I want to introduce you to my unique SOAR principles that will enable you to SOAR HIGHER in your LIFE and BUSINESS. These principles are helping others find clearer self-awareness and success.

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Professional Counsellor
  • Small Business Consultant
  • Christian Marriage Celebrant
  • Mental Health Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Laws (QUT)
  • Doctor of Theology
  • Trainer & Assessor (Cert IV)

about Us

Dr Robert Bakss

After completing a law degree and pursuing a career in law, Dr Robert Bakss worked in Law firms and Local Government for 10 years before serving in pastoral ministry for 30 years. In his leadership capacity he built a multi-million dollar church and school campus and managed over 100 employees and many volunteers.

For over 40 years, Rob has facilitated meetings, mediations and spoke at numerous conferences, workshops and training seminars both in Australia and internationally to both small groups and crowds of thousands.

He completed his Doctorate in Biblical Studies in 2010 and has been influential throughout Australia, the South Pacific, Asia and the United States of America training, coaching, mentoring and equipping many leaders, pastors and missionaries.

SOAR Principles

At the foundation of all of his Coaching are four key principles that are unique to his coaching values and practices. These four principles are implemented as part of the coaching process and are designed to help you SOAR higher in your life. To SOAR higher, He is referring to:

  • Accomplishing your desired goals in your personal and business life.
  • Assisting you to manage the stress and living your life to the fullest.
  • Achieving a healthy life and work balance in your life.
  • Addressing the challenges and barriers that are holding you back.
The SOAR principles are woven throughout the coaching sessions and include:



  • What makes you who you are?
  • Who are you presenting yourself as?
  • Understanding your temperament
  • Discovering your strengths and gifts.


Overcoming Barriers

  • What are your inner fears and weaknesses?
  • What thought patterns are hindering you?
  • Identifying your limiting beliefs.
  • Recognising the ineffective patterns.


Alignment of Values

  • Recognising the values that matter.
  • Building on the core values for increase.
  • Expressing your goals with clear direction.
  • Focusing on the main thing for your life.


Reinvigorating Purpose

  • Knowing the exact reason you exist.
  • Figuring out the best version of you
  • Following the strategies for success.
  • Achieving tangible desired outcomes.


Dr Rob offers a variety of Coaching Pathways to suit your needs. The coaching is designed to be a path that starts at your current problem and ends with your future dream fulfilled. People actually don’t pay for his Coaching Packages; people pay for the PATH. That’s the ultimate reason why people request his services. He will help you implement this path into your life through the packages he offers

Life Coaching

Helping you discover your purpose, priorities and potential and guiding you in setting and reaching your goals, through a solution-focused process and planning.

Business Coaching

By enhancing your workplace culture, business systems and team building skills, you will thrive to success as you begin leading in a way that is valued and admired by others.

Relationship Coaching

Dr Rob will get to know you both, will listen to what you have to say, will accept you, just the way you are, and will care about your relationship as much as you will.

Leadership Coaching

Taking determined leaders on a pathway to greater effectiveness by unlocking their potential and empowering them to lead teams that are skilled, efficient, focused and thriving.

Mental Health Coaching

Counselling you through bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety, Dr Rob will assist you with your emotional and mental health issues with his practical and holistic approach.

Church Coaching

Utilising his 4C Leadership© model, Dr Rob supports churches and pastors to identify the areas where they need assistance, and creates a plan to consistently move forward faster.

Individual Sessions and 3, 6 and 12 session packages available in person or on zoom

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